Remote Noise & Weather Monitoring System

The Jepsen Acoustics & Electronics Ltd permanent Noise & Weather station is an advanced noise monitoring system that continuously records and stores noise and weather data.

Noise & Weather
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100% Automation & Control

Noise & Weather tracks both noise & weather data over time and supports persisting audio data. Our hardware supports both mains and solar power and communicates via 3G on the Spark Network. Schedule audio recordings, set noise alarm levels, access data charts and audio recordings 24/7/365 via our cloud based dashboard.

Small devices
  • Constant Recording

    Collects noise and weather data continuously.

  • Audio Data

    Listen and download scheduled and alarmed noise recordings in mp3 format. Alarmed data features a 10 sec buffer allowing you to identify the noise source.

  • Video

    Optional video monitoring system. Record time lapsed images to help track and identify noise sources.

  • Redundant power

    Self contained with mains or solar cell.

  • Data Driven

    Logs the following data: 15 minute LA10, LAeq, LA50, LA90, LA95, LAmin, LAmax, 1/3 octaves, wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, rainfall, and battery voltage.

  • Accurate

    Up to 1 sec LAeq.

  • Quality

    Uses the Norsonic Nor140 class 1 sound level meter, and the Norsonic Nor1216 heated outdoor microphone.

  • 24/7/365

    Access your data anywhere anytime via the online Noise & Weather dashboard.


  • What applications are supported?

    The permanent noise monitoring system is designed for long term monitoring around airports, ports, industrial facilities, motorsport complexes, wind farms, mining operations, and within the general community.

  • Why the Norsonic 140 meter?

    Norsonic have been suppliers of precision instrumentation for acoustics since 1967. They are considered the gold standard of acoustic instrumentation.

  • Where is our data stored?

    All noise data is stored in Google cloud computing services.

Our Clients

Jepsen Acoustics & Electronics Ltd are the sole New Zealand Representatives for Norsonic.
We carry the Norsonic Nor 140 class 1 sound level meter.

Our Clients

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